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Golden fortune

Golden fortune

The exciting golden fortune game is back by novomatic. The novomatic provider continues to provide new games with sophisticated developments. Games that always follow this trend provide easy wins without gamers knowing. A classic game that has been transformed into a popular game among new and old gamers.

Maybe gamers feel the golden fortune game is the same as other games. But did you know that the golden fortune game is slightly different from other games. A game that will expand the wild until it fills the game screen and gives a high win. Each symbol will be exposed to the gold layer of the golden woman.

Delicious with gold coating

Assyrianlevies – There are many layers of gold that fall on the symbol so gamers will get an immeasurable fortune. A reel screen that has 5×4 in the game order will bring together the golden lady. The golden woman will show her great ability to win the golden fortune game.

Each game line will give you infinite value. There are 40 values ​​that are ready to bring you game victory. The golden fortune game symbol has fresh and delicious fruit. To add a delicious taste can be melted with gold that has been melted. Will be a symbol of luxury and expensive.

expensive gold plate//golden fruit

Symbols and wilds

Symbols that you can find in the game are strawberry, grape, watermelon, plum, guava, cherry, lemon, orange, number 7 red, number 7 blue, star and wild. All the symbols will be ready to spin and gold plated. Wild in the game is not just writing but comes with beautiful women.

Women who love gold also become a symbol with the wild. Replaces any symbol that is present on the golden fortune reel except the scatter. Wild will expand and give you high value. Scatter is present in the star symbol. A symbol that assigns value to any position freely.

Luxurious gold plated

The presence of the scatter will give many unexpected surprises in every golden fortune symbol. To determine the value in the form of a symbol appearing from left to right will form a value. Not only in the same direction but also diagonally. The symbol will be present in a position not yet gold plated will rotate until it gets a gold plate from the gold lady.

The presence of a wild will compose all symbols. What was a plain symbol will turn into a symbol that is melted in gold. Fruit looks fresh and delicious to be a very expensive luxury food. A beautiful woman who values ​​gold in abundance. The more symbols gamers get, the closer the chance to win.

Game button

To start the game, gamers must prepare enough money when placing bets. Games that are played with real money will provide a high chance of winning. To set the value of the golden fortune game bet, gamers can press plus and min. by pressing the button gamers can play comfortably.

A layer of gold on the golden fortune will give you many wins. Gamers can try their luck in the golden fortune game. A game that will show how lucky you are in playing golden fortune. Golden fortune also provides an automatic game where the screen rotates on its own without having to press the star button. With automatic buttons will make it easier for gamers to play the game. The screen will spin quickly and you will get the winning coins.