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Maximizing Tokopedia for Online Sales

Maximizing Tokopedia for Online Sales

Selling online by maximizing Tokopedia for online sales of any product is actually not as easy as imagined, but it’s also not difficult. Everything will have a solution if you want to explore how to sell properly and correctly. Of course, there is help from Tokopedia itself, so that sellers or buyers can solve problems easily. However, for those of you who ask for help from Tokopedia, please wait for your turn, because you are not the only one who has problems with shipping or there are problems. If you wait patiently then the troubleshooting process will be very easy.

With you being a seller at Tokopedia, you certainly have the opportunity to become a famous seller. But by becoming a famous and best seller you have to use all the conveniences, such as


Assyrianlevies – Selling any product, even if you are an agent or dropshipper, make sure the photos you post have the best image quality. If you want your merchandise to be purchased by many people, make sure the image is attractive. So that your store continues to rise to the top, you must consistently upload products every day, at least 3 products are uploaded every day. At Tokopedia upload photos, there are 5 places, for those of you who want to take advantage of these places, buyers will be more confident in the products you have.

2.Product Title

Maximizing the type of product through the title on Tokopedia will be very influential. If you are confused about what title is right, position yourself as a buyer. Then the product title will be easily found in Tokopedia searches. With the right title keywords, your shop will appear in the first search. Not a few people are still just making product titles in any online store. Which causes the online store is not sought after by visitors and selling goods do not sell.

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3.Product Description

After you have a product to sell, you need to write down what are the advantages of the product you are selling. You describe the advantages in the Product description column. The function of the product description is to describe the product being sold, because you are an online seller. So buyers will be more confident to buy it.

4. Storefront

At Tokopedia there is a storefront that you have to make. Where will make it easier for buyers to find goods. If you enter the product according to the storefront then you will easily reach buyers from anyone.


If you provide attractive promotions or vouchers to buyers, many buyers will continue to come. Because many buyers are after cheap goods and attractive shopping vouchers. Providing promotional quotas, of course, doesn’t need to be a lot, to attract buyers, do promotions with shopping vouchers with a minimum purchase. Or it could be by giving store discounts to your followers.

6.Live Products

In Tokopedia, there is a Live Product facility or installing products through FEED. If you use this opportunity, then new online sellers will feel the benefits. Because by doing it live, it will be easy for you to get followers and visitors on your product. To do a live must know the right time to start introducing the product.Because if you enter at a busy hour, only a few people will watch live events.

From the several opportunities above, you have maximized how to sell online at Tokopedia. Maximizing the way to sell is the right way to find new buyers. Apart from that, sales turnover will continue to increase and your store is likely to become a best