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Impera link upward

Impera link upward

Impera link upward comes from novomatic with a funny and unique symbol shape. The presence of impera link makes you have a chance to win big which is very exciting. Games that will bring progressive jackpots of unexpected value to gamers. The unique game theme will make you fly like a hot air balloon.

Beautiful blue sky and very sweet clouds will look beautiful. The blue color represents the enthusiasm of gamers so that the impera link up game becomes a popular game among gamers. Let’s be happy and rise from the sad mood. Because the impera link up game will take you to the sky with beautiful balloons.

Symbol with balloon shape

Balloons that fly high with a total of 5 reels with fruit symbols and other symbols that come from balloon shapes. Each symbol that has a unique and funny shape made of balloon material will give a winning value of 243 types of payments that gamers can get easily.

Assyrianlevies – Many fruits and jackpots are present in the impera link up game. With many balloons flying in the sky, it will show the beautiful shape of the sky which is full of beautiful colors. Symbols that you can get in the Impera Link Up game include: grapes, cherries, watermelons, lemons, oranges, plums, stars, bells, number 7, coins and a collection of colorful balloons.

The presence of the jackpot

Because the game above has collaborated with impera link, there will be a logo from impera in the form of a coin that has many colors. For blue coins there will be different numbers on each coin while for other coins there is a game jackpot. There are 5 jackpots that gamers can win at once easily.

big jackpot and flying balloons//cantik

Each jackpot has a different color and a different value, so gamers must be able to get more value than what is listed on the game screen. Progressive jackpots will help you with every available jackpot such as: grand, mini, minor, major, and impera logo. Every 1 blue coin will reward gamers 3 free spins when the jackpot takes place.

Chance to win

The more coins gamers get, the free spins gamers will also get easily and quickly. To be able to get the free spin game impera link up, gamers must get 6 coins, either blue coins or the jackpot. Successfully active, the gamer’s chance to get a win is high.

Wild in the impera link up game is a collection of colorful balloons. Wild which can replace all symbols except coins from the game jackpot. Scatter comes on star balloon. Each gamer manages to get 3 symbols of the same type or more, the gamer will have the opportunity to win with a high value.

Play real money games

Prepare enough money to be able to win the game because the impera link up game cannot be played for free but with real money. so gamers must be smart in choosing the bets that gamers will use. The more the number of bets that gamers use, the closer the chance to win.

No need to be surprised if the game screen stops when the jackpot is active. When the screen stops, gamers will not lose the coins that have been collected. In fact, gamers will see a rotating screen for those who have not received coins. So gamers don’t have to worry when the jackpot is active. The reels screen full of coins and the jackpot logo will give you easy wins.