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Pay day prize panda

There are more exciting games that never stop from novomatic. The game that comes with a beautiful and cute Chinese feel is panda. The main character in the game who will give a lot of wins and the cute shape of the panda. This panda pay day prize game has a low level of play so it is not too easy to win in the game.

The value that gamers get in playing games is not much so they don’t often get coins. Has 5 reels in the game with a winning value of 30 times the winning value that gamers can get in the game. There will be many symbols that can give you an unexpected victory.

Play games with cute and cute animals

Assyrianlevies – It’s not just a game symbol, but a pay day coin sign that will also give you lots of wins. By getting the 10 highest paydays in the game pay day prize, panda will get a value of four thousand times the value of the bet that can be obtained. The most exciting thing is getting real money value on the panda pay day prize game.

Panda is a step animal and is a symbol of China. The shape of the panda that is packaged and cute is unique and the animal is protected by the Chinese government. Games that have a beautiful red background color symbolize the victory of the game. Not only beautiful and bright colors, but there are symbols that can give value.

quick win with asian theme//Panda

Game symbols and free spins

Here are the symbols of the pay day prize panda game that gamers can see in the game, namely: bell, bar, number 8 with koi fish, cherry, bars, panda, and red envelope. Of all the symbols, the panda is a wild and the scatter comes from the red envelope. For those of you who want to place bets on the pay day prize panda game, you can start from a value of 0.30 to 45 bet values.

The smallest numbers that gamers can get from bars and cherries, and for the highest number values ​​come from pandas and envelopes. Getting the same 3 scatters will give free spins. The presence of a scatter on the screen that rotates on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds. There will be 3 free spins that gamers can get in playing the pay day prize panda game.

Play fun with double score

Types of free spins that gamers can get randomly. In addition to free spins, gamers will also get a jackpot game bonus. When you manage to get free spins, you also get a doubled value. The double value obtained when getting free spins is 3 times the value that will be obtained by gamers.

Play the exciting game of the panda pay day prize game. Get wins quickly to attract jackpots and game bonuses.. Provides many unexpected winning opportunities from game symbols. Infinite game combination values ​​so gamers get the highest number of wins.

Info and auto

In the game pay day prize panda gamers will find symbols that are present in many numbers. such as the double symbol of the bar, and the number 8 with a koi fish which will give many chances to win. If gamers are still curious about the symbol, you can press info. There will be many types of symbols, values, and ways to win the game in the game info. In addition to info, there is also an automatic game where the screen will move on its own and gamers do not need to press the start button.